Our oldest and most popular service

We have been producing these 17 day forecasts for the U.S. equity markets and the FOREX markets since February 2006. At X9T, we provide these TREND forecasts for the most popularly traded symbols. With our Forecasts Request Service our subscribers can request a 17 day trend forecast for any of the over
20,000 symbols we have in our symbol universe, any day 24/7, and receive their forecasts within a few minutes. We have had thousands of subscribers over the years use our forecasts to trade many of the financial markets including futures, options, individual stock symbols, ETFs, currencies, the FOREX markets and many other markets and symbols available to trade.

  • Over 80% accuracy rate since the beginning, and exhibiting no decay
  • Direction for a 17 day period, which typically shows two different trends
  • Adaptable to current market conditions
  • U.S. market forecasts are updated every 6-9 days on subscriber only section of our website
  • Widely used by traders as a means to trend trade the entire 6-9 period or day trade using the trends forecasts as a guideline for their BUY or SELL signals
  • Request on-demand forecast for over 10,000 tradable symbols anytime with our X9T Live service

Check out the video below to learn more about how we produce our 17 day forecast and how you can use them to your trading advantage.