In March 2000 Taylor received from a committee of established academicians a proffered Nobel Memorial Prize nomination in Economics, conditional upon his prior publication of an “enabling disclosure” pertaining to his work in the technical dissemination in forecasting financial markets, which is appended in the essay The Taylor Effect. Taylor did publish his essay as an “enabling disclosure” in the embodiment of his novel, Paradigm.

In Paradigm, he reveals what will become known as:

Taylor’s Law

The financial market’s expansion and contraction is qualitatively in direct correlation to the increases and decreases in gravitational fluctuations experienced at the human level. The increases in market price are in direct response to decreases in gravitational forces; the decreases in market price are in direct response to the increases in gravitational forces.

At present, Robert D. Taylor is a research scientist and the CEO of Trend Corporation, Inc; He is a successful businessman and financially secure by applying his own discoveries to his trading advantage. His research focus in the field of Econo-physics has been vital to the development of his economic modeling software Xyber9. Taylor’s program Xyber9 is used for technical dissemination in forecasting financial market conditions.

Taylor continues to collaborate with prominent scientists and scholars on original projects and theories pertaining to the field of economic time series forecasting.