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Knowing when to buy or sell – A WEEK IN ADVANCE – is like having the Keys to the Wall Street Kingdom.

Xyber9Trends is an innovative, scientifically proven method for “Real-Time” Stock Market Forecasting – that has an a extensive and proven track record. Xyber9Trends forecasts can be your Compass while trading.


The Xyber9 software produces forward looking forecasts for over 20,000 of the most popular tradable market symbols.

Included in our Symbol Universe are symbols for the Worldwide Financial Markets

– Over 50,000 individual symbols
– Over 20,000 most popular traded symbols
– Stocks
– Worldwide stocks
– ETF’s
– Futures symbols
– Forex currency pairs
– Options
– Bonds
– Many other symbols too long to mention



Xyber9 weekly forecasts are produced at least one week in advance of forecasted trends and are documented real time for registered users.

Xyber9 Symbol Request Service provides our members with real-time forecasts, at any time, and on any day of the week by using our mobile App the X9T website. Our users just simply request a forecasts for the symbol of their choice, and receive it back within minutes, or longer depending on the demand for our servers.

DOWNLOAD the X9T App to gain access to our forecasts, and to experience how they can work for you real-time while trading any of the financial markets.

The Xyber9 directional forecasts are based on time-tested economic theories developed by Robert D. Taylor, who was nominated for a Nobel Prize in economics for his discovery.

This unique technology provides us with the basis for our forecast. As a result, our forecasts offer an experience that continues to benefit many traders and investors around the globe.

Great for those interested in trading or investing in stocks, trading futures, options, trading the currency markets or any of the over 20,000 other most popular symbols in our symbol universe.