Over the course of the last year we have developed two automated trading strategies. The Xyber9Trends_US futures automated trading strategy was developed to trade the U.S. e-mini electronic futures markets, and the Xyber9Trends_Forex strategy can be used to trade all the Forex currency pairs.


  • Both of the trading strategies will trade all open electronic sessions or can be set to trade just the day session. Both of our trading strategies constantly monitor the markets prices and deploy one of many orders to the floor as each of the strategies parameters are met.
  • Our trading strategies utilizes a large range of trading Inputs simultaneously and on a continuous basis such as the number of initial contracts, maximum number of contracts traded, contract compounding option, price target, stop loss price, trailing stop order and a breakeven stop order.
  • Each strategy is complex in that all the trades are determined by the strategies parameters continuously as opposed to human input or market interpretation. Most expert traders agree that the less interpretation you use when making a decision to trade the better.
  • Also, one of the greatest advantages of using our automated trading strategy to manage your trades is our automated trading strategy will not vary from its original trading plan or waiver from making a decision to execute all trades.
  • Each trading strategy is dependent on the Xyber9 forecasted trends for a direction bias as to what direction and duration each contract or lot will be traded during each forecasted trend.

Other Benefits Include:


  1. We developed these trading strategies due to the many inquires we received throughout the years regarding the best way to trade the Xyber9 trends. Our automated trading strategies are designed to trade multiple markets, such as the U.S. markets, the S&P, the Russell, the DOW, the NASDAQ electronic futures markets, and the FOREX currency markets, including all the worldwide currency pairs that we list in our Symbol Universe.
  1. Any trader who manually executes all their trades for the e-mini futures markets or the FOREX currency pairs should be aware that your trading strategy needs to take into consideration risk, reward, trade duration, volatility, liquidity and exposure. The Xyber9Trends forecasts provide guidance into the future based on scientific proven theories, which suggest a directional bias for your trades. It is our fully automated trading strategies that provides a tool that manages you trades.
  1. It is important to consider that the equity futures and currency markets will react to Global shocks and anomalies. The Xyber9 programs filter all shocks, measure the rate and speed of price change, volume, and volatility in order to provide reliable guidance into the future. Our trading strategies provides steadfast parameters because it is this volatility that requires a trader to be cognizant to strictly following their trading strategy. Our automated trading strategies are optimized in order to provide strict rules for each trade, even during high volatility.
  1. Most of our subscribers who are successful with futures and FOREX currency trading will most always include a stop loss into their strategy. Our trading strategies provide stop losses targets and breakeven targets in order to make sure an anomaly doesn’t cause a greater loss than the user is willing to accept, or is larger than the users risk tolerance goals.
  1. Many of our subscribers scalp trade their futures and currency trades, which essentially means to take profits quickly and re-enter again in the direction of the forecasted trend. Our trading strategies will enter as often as the market condition is viable and in accordance with the parameter settings in the strategy, which takes advantage of intra-trend gaps or spikes. Our trading strategies will take advantage of any additional opportunity to enter or exit a trade.
  1. Some of our futures and FOREX traders will use trailing stop strategies, along with a stop loss target. Our trading strategy provides both a trailing stop and a stop loss target, when combined can allow winning trades to encapsulate larger gains during profitable trades, while limiting losses to a predetermined stop loss. While using the trailing stop tool, once the market moves in the right direction for a determined point gain during a trade, the trailing stop is designed to not allow that trade to take a loss, while exiting that position at a predetermined percentage target below the current price movement, but above the original entry price, consequently not involving a loss. The only time a loss can occur is when the trade is in a very fast moving market and the price skips past a stop loss. This situation is very unusual, although we have seen this happen in 1996 during Alan Greenspan’s famous speech called “irrational exuberance”where the markets dropped so fast that the exchanges closed down three times in order to stop the bleeding.
  1. The compound feature in our trading strategies will increase or decrease the number of lots or contracts that you will be trading. As profits or losses are realized, both trading strategies will increase or decrease the number of lots or contracts being traded in order to remain within the risk / exposure parameters set by the user. It is important to remember that if a trader uses the strategy’s compounding tool, any increased number of lots or contracts that were gained by internal profits earned by the trading strategy, and based on the margin requirements and the other failsafe tools in our trading strategy, will seldom create an increase in risk to their trading account so long that there is not a catastrophic event that causes a broad market crash, or the user adds outside money to the account in order to increase the number of contracts or lots.
  1. Our trading strategies can be used during all sessions, or limited to a single session based on the users tolerance for risk or margin requirements.
  1. Most traders will use an indicator to enter positions such as a two line moving average, or one of the other many indicators. Our trading strategies utilize a moving average for entries only. No moving average can tell you which way the market will be moving for a longer period of time, although we found that we can depend on this technical indicator to provide momentary guidance so that the strategy does not enter a trade at a point in time where the price movement is moving in the wrong direction. All the strategy needs to know at that time; is the market moving in the right direction of the forecasted trend. If that is the case, the strategy will enter a position and exit that position depending on the other settings predetermined in the trading strategy’s settings.
  1. The automated trading strategies can be set to trade during each market subsequent day session, or all corresponding sessions including the overnight sessions as each individual market designates. This ability allows you the choice of market hours to trade using the automated trading strategies. Trading during certain session hours works well, such as the S&P’s day session, due to lower margin requirements and increased contract or lot compounding effects.
  1. The strategy’s parameters are internal, which allow the strategy the ability to execute each order live and continuously, and without publishing the orders at the trading desk. Once the strategy’s trading parameter is met, the strategy sends the order electronically via your trading platform for instantaneous fill.


It is important to note that the U.S. automated trading strategy (Xyber9_US) will trade any U.S. futures market using futures contracts. We will provide default settings and historical forecast dates showing direction and duration for the S&P500 E-mini market. If you use the Xyber9_US automated trading strategies for any of the other U.S. futures markets, you will need to determine the automated trading strategy settings for each market you trade.

The FOREX automated trading strategy (Xyber9_FOREX) will trade any foreign exchange currency market using lots. We will provide default settings and historical forecasts for the symbols, British Pound/U.S. Dollar. If you use the Xyber9_FOREX automated trading strategies for any of the other foreign markets, you will need to determine the automated trading strategy settings for each market you trade.