trading futures for a livingFor those of you interested in trading futures for a living – you should know that you will be considered to be in the most exclusive club in the world. What most traders enjoy about futures trading is that anyone can become very sophisticated with their trading, given enough experience have the ability to enjoy the successes as a futures trader by using the Xyber9trends forecasts as a guideline to their profits. There is no other company in the world that can tell you which way the market will be heading a week in advance, and with over 20,000 available symbols, which is THE advantage to any trader.

Five Advantages of Trading Futures for a Living

The vast majority of our subscribers trade futures contracts. There are many advantages to trading this market, but the first, and most important is the liquidity. There are roughly 13,000 futures contracts trader per minute during certain trading hours, which allows the trader to buy or sell small or large numbers of contracts and receive fills instantaneously or nearly instantaneous. By using the Xyber9trends forecasts our subscribers that trade the futures contracts can enjoy trading futures contracts because our forecasts provide real-time forward looking 17 day forecasts. With a running 10 year real-time track record, and over 20,000 available symbols to draw upon, our subscribers have the ability to design strategies that can incorporate proper targets based on the knowledge of our experience, that they would normally not be able to enjoy from any other market analysis company or individual.

The second most important aspect of trading futures contracts for a living is the leverage advantage. A single S&P futures contract at today’s S&P’s price will leverage roughly $100,000 of an actual equity investment in the S&P500 index. To trade futures contracts a trader will need to have a margin balance in their trading account of at least $5,625 to buy or sell one futures contract during all sessions. The margin requirement is much smaller for futures trading during day session hours. An e-mini futures contract earns $50.00 per point in the price movement of the S&P500 index, which is exactly the same earnings per point if the trader had bought a much larger equity value worth of shares of the S&P500 index.

The third most important aspect of trading futures contracts is the low cost of trading fees. Typically a today’s discount brokerage firms will charge roughly $5.00 – $10.00 per roundtrip for each contract traded. When comparing this price to buying or selling equity shares, the futures contracts are a real value due to the leverage of the futures contracts. Your ability to trade futures both on your desktop or on you mobile device is another advantage.

The fourth most important aspect of trading futures contracts for a living is you can open an IRA futures account in order to defer the income tax liability on any profits until you make a withdraw from this account. Many of our traders during the course of the year will compound the number of contracts they trade as the profits support adding additional contracts based on the margin requirements. Long term successful futures trading in an IRA account can provide better returns over the short or long term.

The fifth advantage of trading futures contracts for a living is the futures markets  trade roughly 23.5 hours per day, except for weekends and some holidays. This single advantage allows traders to incorporate profit targets, stop loss, breakeven stops or trailing stops in order to be active and protected during the overnight sessions, where a traders target can be filled if the price hits one of their targets. An additional, but also important aspect is by using futures contracts, is your stop loss setting will be active during the overnight sessions in the event there is some news in the form of an anomaly or a geopolitical situation during the overnight session that would normally cause severe losses in your position if you were trading actual shares of the S&P500 rather than futures contracts.


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