We update a weekly forecast for the U.S. Markets, and three FOREX pairs on a weekly basis. This update will be emailed to all of our subscribers on Pivot Points (dates posted in advance for new forecasts updates).

You have the ability to request any forecasts for any of the over 20,000 symbols in our symbol universe, any day and at any time via our website or our mobile App, X9T.

It is important to understand that in order to request and receive the most accurate forecasts from our Forecast Request Service, you should request forecasts on dates that the previous Xyber9 real-time forecasts for that symbol show as tops or bottoms in the forecast graph, or on Pivot Point dates.

Intra-trend forecasts requests (less than 6-9 day periods) should confirm the direction of the previous forecast that was initially provided when you originally requested that forecasts. If the intra-trend forecast shows something different, the Xyber9 programs might be adapting to a shock or anomaly. Some subscribers will request forecasts after the market closes for symbols traded on the various worldwide Exchanges, while others will just request forecasts on Pivot Point dates. You can find these pivot point dates in our member section under the Tab Calendar.

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These values represent nothing other than how the Matlab mathematical platform scales market prices to fit the figure graph. The Xyber9Trends programs do not measure amplitudes or does it forecasts amplitudes, they merely provide direction and duration.

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The Xyber9 programs produce a graph which provides the direction and duration for a future 17 period. During that 17 days the graph will show two trends indicating a top and a bottom or a bottom then a top. At the bottom of the forecasts graph you will see future dates. Find the top or the bottom on the forecasted graph and line it up with the date at the bottom of the graph. This procedure will allow you to know which direction the market will be moving and when that trend will end.

Don’t be fooled by thinking that the market will look exactly like the Xyber9 graph. The market never moves in a straight line due to many factors including daily anomalies and will seldom appear exactly as the Xyber9Trends graph. The Xyber9Trends programs merely provide us with the direction and duration for each trend

The Xyber9Trends programs forecast does not suffer anomalies nor anticipate anomalies; they filter past anomalies (Reports, Announcements, Fed Announcements etc.) in the stock market data in order to distinguish what is valuable and what is not when calculating a forecasts.

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The Xyber9Trends weekly forecasts will updated on specific days each week. These dates are always posted on the previous and current forecast update. We will email you all forecast updates by 6:00PM the evening of the day we update each forecasts.

To receive and view forecasts through our Symbol Request Service you will need to follow the instructions located in the Symbol Request Service section of the website or on our mobile app, X9T.

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No, the Xyber9Trends programs forecasts will simply provide direction and duration. Actually this is the best piece of financial information anyone can have.

Up to now, no one knew the direction of the market and had to guess – but by using the Xyber9Trends forecast, you will have an advantage that other traders and investors do not have. All you need to do now is to figure what you want to trade.

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The Xyber9Trends service is geared to generate market forecast 17 days in advance of the markets movement that tells you then the forecasted symbol shows when to expect a bottoms or top for that market. We have a historical track record for over a 9 year history of publicly posting forecasts one to two weeks in advance. Each of our forecasts was produced and published one to two weeks in advance, so checking our accuracy is very easy. Go to the Historical Results section of the website and see for yourself.

Even though knowing the direction of the market is the most desired piece of information, knowing what to trade is necessary. That information we do not suggest nor do we provide trading advice. Most of our subscribers will trade futures and options on a weekly or even daily basis.

Every trader or investor needs the experience or knowledge to know how and what to trade before being in a position to fully utilize this service. If you have some experience in market trading and have submitted trading orders then you might be able to utilize this service to great advantages.

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We have a no refund policy. During the sign up process this is clearly stated, although you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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The Xyber9 programs will provide 17 day forecasts in advance for any of the over 20,000 symbols we publish in our symbol universe.

It is the short term weekly forecast that have been very accurate due the cycles are short and the frequency of the programs evaluations can pick up on many variables and anomalies such as shocks, which allows the Xyber9 program to accommodate for noise and adapt to changing market conditions.

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Market price can move exactly opposite of what we would expect, but are still predictable.

The Xyber9 forecasts can suffer what is called Phase Inversions or sometimes called the Phase Flip. Many Scientists throughout the years have observed this phenomenon. The reason we mention this anomaly is Phase Inversions occur four (4) times a year where forecasted trends can and will be affected. The Xyber9 programs at times will catch a inversion before it happens and at times will not. These inversions can cause the forecasted trends to turn out wrong. Our philosophy is to be cautious during the Phase Inversion periods. We will provide Phase Inversion expected dates expected dates on our webstie:

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Yes. The Taylor Effect is the only leading indicator for the financial markets.

Other indicators are “lagging” indicators because they rely on statistical analysis of historical data to try and predict future events.

Category: Methodology

System identification processes are enormous part of the Xyber9 forecasting programs, originally designed by NASA for space programs such as the Apollo space program, the shuttle program, missile guidance systems and all commercial aviation.

In Paradigm, Alex Shepard creates the Xyber9 stock market forecasting software. He includes aero-space system identification technology, frequency domain identification and parameter identification programs along with Kalman filtering.

In reality, I worked with world renowned aero-space scientists to help me write the Xyber9 programs which I continue to use in order to produce stock market forecasts at Xyber9 is pronounced (sy-ber-nine).

Xyber9 is a very complex program that includes aero-space system identification programs to improve accuracy of each forecasts, while filtering noise such as shocks to the market, spikes and gaps, volatility, momentum and volume.

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I believe so. However, my primary focus for 19 years has been on forecasting the worldwide financial markets.

I did some preliminary analysis in a geo-physics study concerning geyser frequencies and found these frequencies to correlate with gravitational fluctuations.

Other areas I researched included: criminal behavior; live births; automobile accidents; administering cancer medications; psychology, North Atlantic ice flows, rain and drought cycles, hurricane frequencies, individual physical performance; and, retail sales performance. I compared these statistics to gravitational fluctuations, and in every case the studies showed excellent correlation with high utility.

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No. The tides have nothing to do with the stock market or any other financial market.

Remember, gravitational fluctuations affect everything in the universe including planets, solar systems, galaxies and human behavior, as well as Market price fluctuations which correlate with changes in the gravitational forces.

Gravitational forces also create tidal fluctuations in the oceans and seas—as well as people. After all, we are made up of over 75% water.

Category: Methodology

In Paradigm I addressed this question by suggesting a response to high gravitational conditions as similar to “a chicken cooking in a pressure cooker”.

For now, all I am presenting in my essay, and my book Paradigm is a simple message:

“The financial market’s expansion and contraction is qualitatively in direct correlation to the increases and decreases in gravitational fluctuations experienced at the human level.

The increases in market price are in direct response to decreases in gravitational forces; the decreases in market price are in direct response to the increases in gravitational forces.’’

At Xyber9Trends I prove my discovery.

Category: Methodology

No. None of my studies and none of my documentation involve astrology.

I studied astrophysics, geo-physics and fluid dynamics to find answers which guided my conclusions which I present in my book Paradigm, and in my essay “The Taylor Effect, and Technical Appendix).

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Don’t worry. There is no chance everyone will believe or understand my discovery.

Some will use it to their advantage while others will stick to their old paradigm. History has proven that discoveries which cause paradigm-shifts, take a long time to be accepted.

My hope is the Federal Reserve gets the picture in a hurry. I believe if anyone could help manage fiscal matters better, they could by knowing market movements well in advance. We’ll see!

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Paradigm - The Novel

An exciting suspense about two brothers who discover an ancient Egyptian box, and make a fortune. Then the owners find out!

Paradigm is a novel, fictional story about a box which measures gravity and accurately predicts the stock market, and a factual book, which publishes Robert Taylor’s essay, The Taylor Effect and Technical Appendix.

The story line reads about very old papers in the Egyptian box which confirm fortunes made over centuries. The brothers use this knowledge to trade the market and produce a fortune in just a few months.

Owners of the box are after them. One brother is killed while the other is left to track down the killers. He and his wife, Cassandra, race through Europe chasing leads found in London, Paris, Venice, and the Vatican itself.

Yes. The story is fiction, but the science is a true story about Taylor’s discovery.

Every thought process and action Nicholas and Alex went through while producing the software programs and trading theories, were processes that Taylor experienced.

Taylor visited many of the places that his characters visit in the book, and he went through the same experiences while developing the science as they did. Although, Taylor admitted, that Nicholas and Alex are younger, taller and probably a lot more fun to hang out with.

No. At first, only a small percentage of people will believe my discovery.

Eventually I can conceive of an environment where the Xyber9Trends will become a required tool for the financially informed. No other service provides real-time forecasts for the nearly 72,000 symbols in Xyber9trends symbol universe. Our subscribers have the ability to at any time or any day of the week request a forecasts for any worldwide market symbol and receive back via email that forecasts in minutes.

Accurate market trend forecasts were unavailable until now. Today, investment advisors and individual investors will have an incredible advantage that they never had.

Once scientists and financial engineers understand the logic and implications which my discovery presents, I believe they will see its value.

Maybe even the Federal Reserve will take a look!

The technology in Paradigm and in the website and forecasts provides future guidance for nearly all the tradable market symbols. This exciting mystery story teaches you the basics and how to use the discovery.

Paradigm makes it easy to understand the science behind my discovery. Readers share the excitement with the story’s characters—Alex and Nicholas—as they work their way into understanding, developing and trading my discovery.

The next step is to use the Xyber9Trends forecasts to help you with your trades and investments.

Yes, the discovery is real. The story is based on my experiences, but more fun.

The ancient Egyptian box may be fictional, but the discovery isn’t. . The stock market is predictable.

Data rich empirical evidence supports the validity of The Taylor Effect. Gravitational fluctuations do cause masses of humans to feel simultaneously bullish or bearish about the stock market.

Q&A with Robert Taylor

I developed an app for both the iOS and Android smart phone systems, and on my website, where any of my subscribers now have the ability to type in a symbol request at any or any day for over 20,000 of the most popularly traded individual stock market symbols, indexes, ETF’s, Bonds, Mutual Funds or the FOREX currency market symbols, and receive back a 17 day future forecasts in just a few minutes.

I don’t think that hurt da Vinci, Galileo, the Wright brothers, Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Nobel, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford II, Willaim Gates, Steve Jobs or Guglielmo Marconi much.

I was able to meet and work with colleagues with the best minds in the world to help solve problems in scientific fields that I was not familiar with.

My decision not to earn additional degrees in science may have actually helped my discovery due to not being enclosed in a scientific box, otherwise I still might think the market is a “Random Walk”!

Yes, before and during the time I completed my research and throughout some testing of trading applications I did lose many trades. I traded options for a year and did well, although I did not like some of the facets of options trading.

I entered the S&P futures trading arena in 2007 and have never left. I enjoy the idea of buying or selling at the exact price at that exact second, and the idea that futures do not depreciate or erode like options traders suffer with.

After all, Edison went through a lot of light bulbs before he made one work. And, Alfred Nobel blew up many things, and almost himself before he discovered how to control nitroglycerine with his invention of dynamite.

Yes. I finalized the Xyber9 forecasting program in 1996 and I’ve used it ever since.

Knowing the weekly direction and the duration of the markets is the most valuable piece of information that any futures or options trader and individual investor needs.

It was a paper by J. M. Hurst about unknown drivers that might influence market cycles.

Early on I read a paper written by J. M. Hurst, a retired aerospace physicist. He spent some 20,000 hours analyzing economic time-series using tools from his career in research and development.

Hurst theorized the existence of an unknown exogenous or external factor that might be driving market cycles. He called it “X motivation.”

Hurst said, “… we must admit the possibility that something causes millions of investors operating from widely differing locations, making countless buy and sell decisions, at varying points in time, to behave more or less alike — and to do so consistently and persistently! How can this be?”

He went on, “The answer to this is not known, although reasonable theories can be formulated. If such an exogenous driver can influence some physical and mental functions, might they not influence others — perhaps causing masses of humans to feel simultaneously bullish or bearish in the market.

Hurst’s “X motivation” is what I now know today to be gravitational fluctuations. As Einstein noted, “gravity is the greatest force known in the universe.” He also suggested that compounding might be a close second, which we use in our trading strategies.

I was financially successful long before I began my work developing the Taylor Effect and the Xyber9Trends forecasting service. I still apply my forecasts to my trades and my investments to this day.

I traded and posted my weekly trading results and trading confirmations live on the Home Page of my website for the years 2007, 2008 and 2009. These years were relatively bad years to be trading the S&P500 (Spiders) market due to the market crash. My account posted very positive returns for those years, as all of my subscribers can testify to.

The irony is I bought shares of the SPY (Spiders) long only, while I shorted futures contracts for all the weekly downtrends during those years. Over the three year period the S&P gained a negative -23.58% while I returned a plus +50.21% over the same time period.

No, it gives economists a better tool to help them complete their picture.

Until the Taylor Effect and the Xyber9Trends forecasts, no one knew for sure which way, and for how long the market would move, otherwise known as the direction and duration of the weekly trends. Now everyone has the ability to know the direction and duration of all the financial market symbols in advance.


Yes, through the years many portfolio managers have used the Xyber9Trends forecasts, including brokerage firms and traders at the CBOT open outcry sessions.

Release of the discovery and the Xyber9Trends forecasts is relatively new, compared to more traditional, fundamental and technical approaches to trading.

I believe once the financial industry truly understands the opportunity to incorporate the Xyber9Trends forecasts into their trading strategies, Xyber9Trends forecasts will be the go to tool for all entries and exits for all of the financial and tradable market symbols.

Most of our subscribers use the Xyber9Trends forecasts for their own personal advantage.

All interested parties can find the tools at our website, which provides everyone the opportunity to understand how knowing the direction of the markets can help them with their strategies. After all, knowing the direction and duration of any symbol might be considered useful.

Read the book Paradigm; and visit our website at Xyber9Trends.

Simply read the book Paradigm, and you’ll have a general understanding of why and how the Taylor Effect Works.

At the back of the book there is an Essay and Technical Appendix. These two documents explain in detailed scientific language exactly how the discovery works.

Next, take a look at the information on the website and in particular look at the Historical Results section and we believe you will have a better understand of how the Xyber9Trends forecasts may help you with your trading strategies, and trading decisions.

Absolutely not! The truth is, all financial professionals try to, but can’t. I can.

All financial professionals try to time the market with every decision they make.

Buy, Hold and Sell recommendations are market timing recommendations.

When a brokerage firm downgrades, upgrades or suggest a neutral position for a stock, they are timing the market.

When a financial advisor suggests allocating 60% to bonds and the rest in a diversified portfolio, they believe its time you did so.

When a financial advisor suggests buying a stock because their firm feels it’s a good price, he or she is timing the market.

Clearly, using Xyber9Trends is an efficient way to time the market.

Xyber9 forecasts is available to the general public by visiting Soon we will be releasing our automated trading strategies, where we will make timing a trade less of a hassle.

Up until now Gravity could only be measured one second at a time. I measure the total “effects” of gravity.

Oceans and all bodies of water suffer the effects of gravity directly, just as human beings. We can observe these effects in tidal movement, which can be measured as far into the future as we care to go.

Using additional measurements from two of my colleagues I was able to measure Universal Gravity, as opposed to just solar lunar effect. By doing so this became a very effective method to predict gravitational increases and decreases into the future, or back to the past.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) produces astronomical measurement algorithms, along with observational confirmation equipment to predict precise gravity measurements. Coupled with Dr. Greg Hodiwanic’s and Dr. George Masters’ algorithms, I was able to measure Universal gravitational increases and decreases with extreme accuracy.

I understand their skepticism. New paradigms are hard to accept. The earth is round, and we can fly!

Today, we have a new paradigm. The stock market is predictable when you apply The Taylor Effect market forecasts through modern technology.

Also, at I provide 9 years of historical forecasts that were published real-time one two weeks in advance. You can find these results pictures in the Historical Results section of the website. These results pictures that prove my discovery to be correct!

Those who use the Xyber9Trends service and experience the results will. Others won’t.

Remember, many of the greatest scientists in the world already believe and endorse my findings via a Nobel Prize Nomination for my work.

I think it would be important for anyone, professional or individual, to take my discovery seriously. Why would anyone want to be left behind?

Then again, there will always be those scientists who refuse to accept it at all. The old academic adage applies here, “If we didn’t think of it, then it cannot exist“.

Malkiel’s book is wrong. I now applied the correct science.

Over thirty years ago Burton Malkiel wrote a best seller titled, “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”. He observed the apparently random behavior of the American stock markets.

Malkiel did not prove the markets were random, he simply deduced that because he could not discern a pattern, the behavior must be random.

Malkiel’s mistake falls under the category of “fallacies of irrelevant evidence”. It is an example of argumentum ad ignoratium, or “the appeal to ignorance.” If no one can prove the random walk theory incorrect; therefore it must be correct.

His conclusions also exemplify the argumentum ad verecundiam, or “the appeal to prestige.” The fact that learned voices sing does not make their song the truth.

The random walk theory was a “theory”. The Taylor Effect is fact. Markets are predictable.

The key word here is “theory.” I produced empirical evidence which correlates the stock markets with gravitational fluctuations. Market predictions are no longer a theory.

The ability to forecasts the future movement of the financial markets was impossible forecast before my discovery. Now all the worldwide financial markets are very predictable.

At you can see over 9 years of historical forecasts where I prove the predictability of the Stock Market.

Trading Strategies

Depending on your level of sophistication with investing or trading bonds, securities, mutual funds, stocks, futures , options or index funds, you should be able to plan your buy, sell, short and long positions by using a trading strategy that you are comfortable with and incorporating the Xyber9Trends forecasts as a guideline to direction and duration.

Most experts suggest that catching the exact top or bottom of any trend is a difficult task. Many traders will use simple strategies that seem to help them. Some will cost average into a position while buying or selling multiple times during a trading session to capture an entry position as close to the top or bottom as possible. Some traders will use technical indicators to prompt them to enter the market, while others will simply trade at an arbitrary time such as open and close of the session

We use TradeStation for our trading platform.

Yes, by using the’s Symbol Request Service our subscribers can request forecasts for any symbol we have in our over 20,000 symbols in our symbol universe. Subscribers can request forecasts at any time or on any day of the week.

There are two important days during a trend, the first day and the last day of each trend. The majority of traders that I know and talk to will close their open position during the last day of the trend, while entering again a new position on that same day by reversing the direction of the trade. Many traders will scalp trade as often as possible during a trend using the bias of the direction, while others will not enter the market in the middle of a trend because of anomalies, or shocks and the many announcements and reports that can shock the market on a daily basis.

Many of our traders trade futures, options, individual stock symbols, ETFs and FOREX currency pairs while incorporating the Xyber9Trends forecasts. Typically each subscriber that comes to us is already experienced in trading the instrument that they are comfortable with. These traders usually have already developed a trading strategy. When the utilize the trends they use the forecasts as a bias for the direction they will commit their trades.

Yes, our subscribers can request symbols for many bond symbols.

During a period from January 2007 through October 2009 I incorporated my futures IRA’s account in conjunction with my long position in the SPY (Spiders), in order to enhance returns. The futures account was in an IRA account which was and still is tax deferred.

We do not provide tax, trading or legal advice. You need to seek professional counsel for your situation before you think about how taxes will affect you trading.

Most experts agree that diversification is a great way to invest in order to share the risk by being invested in various other markets. A lot of experts suggest that the indexes provide excellent form of diversification.

The Dow and the S&P 500 include stocks symbols that representing each market sector. In my estimation, these indexes provide complete diversification and because of the electronic trading are simple to invest in without having to pay a financial advisor.

Buying and holding is a tried and true way to grow wealth for the long term. There are time when buying and holding does not make any sense because of age or the need to have liquidity with their funds in order to meet the daily cost of living. Experts will suggest that in these cases it might not be advisable for investors to be in any high risk investment.

Many of our subscribers use the Xyber9 forecasts to avoid short “down turns” in the markets. All the markets suffer cyclical trends, which the shortest is a 6 to 9 day period. The next obvious cycles are periods from 2 to 6 months. The longest cycle has a duration of 3 to 4.5 years.

Most of our subscribers trade futures contracts, options and the currency market, where they trade entirely different than buy and hold investors. The risk are high with investing in these markets but with enough experience and the proper use of our forecasts, many of our subscribers do quite well.

Past history has proven that if you buy and hold over a long period of time, the stock market will produce a relative decent return.

Our contention is, not everyone has the privilege or the time and sticking power to sit through down market trending periods, just to sit and watch their hard earned dollars turned into losses while they wait for the market to turn up. Many short term traders do well by scalping trades during short periods of time by using our forecasts.

Many investors lost enormous amounts of money in the 2000 and the 2007-2008 bust. Many who had originally retired had to go back to work because the markets robbed them of their savings.

Because of our forecasts that show both uptrend’s and downtrends many of our subscribers know when to stand aside, or invest in bonds during the down trends. During the uptrend’s, many of our subscribers are long in various different instruments. By using the weekly forecasts there is an opportunity that you can tell when to trade which directions, using stocks, futures, options and the FOREX currency markets.

Absolutely, my discovery only reveals the market’s direction and duration for 17 day and weekly cycles. We always suggest that if one of our subscribers is not trading futures, options or the currency markets, they can use the Xyber9 forecasts for making entries or an exits for the symbol that they trade. Let’s use an example where someone wants to buy the symbol FB (FaceBook), whether it is long term or shot term buying or selling. The subscriber can request a forecasts for the symbol FB. They will receive back within a few minutes a forecasts that shows a 17 day period with two different trends. The forecasts will show one bottom and one top. If the subscriber wants to buy the symbol FB, they have the opportunity to buy that symbol at when the forecasts suggest there is the bottom, then when they want to sell the symbol, they can wait until the top and sell there.

Some of our subscribers will buy and sell various symbols, similar to the one I just mentioned. Some symbols will move further of less than others during weekly trends. It is these symbols that have high Bata that will move the most during each trend, where experienced traders take advantage of not only the percentage of movement but our forecasts, which provides the timing of these types of trades.

The Xyber9 forecasts cannot predict amplitudes. When our subscribers are buying any of the equity markets, or commodity markets they still need to perform fundamental, traditional or technical analysis in order to know which stock symbol to buy based on fundamental analysis readings such as the company’s profits, cash flow, long term estimates, demand for the company’s products etc….

It is the fundamental and technical analysis that help determine how deep or how high the market itself and each symbols will move.