Robert Taylor has been publicly forecasting the financial markets since 2006. His forecasts are used by large and small financial institutions, individual traders and global funds. Historically, Taylor’s forecasts have proven to be accurate greater than 83% of the time. To review the forecasts history, select a market below and explore the results for yourself.

The Xyber9 U.S. Market forecasts are usable for all equity, futures, and options trading. The FOREX market forecasts are usable for currency trading. The historical forecasts below highlight when each forecast was made public, what trend was forecast and what resulted. Select a year below to review each forecast more closely. Forecast dates that fall on a weekend are represented by the posted date on the results chart next to the blue lines.

In the TradeStation real-time graphs some of the dates might appear to be contrary to the trend’s forecast end date due to how TradeStation post the dates, although the trend end dates are dependent on the actual Xyber9 forecasts and are correctly posted.


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