X9T's newest and the most exclusive service

The reason we developed Intraday forecasts is because up until now we produced 17 day trend forecasts that show a single direction for a 6-9 day period. We find that during a 6-9 day trend some days will move opposite the forecasts and can cause whipsaws with our trades. Intraday forecasts can help you trade during the 6-9 day trends by providing daily guidance in the event there is a retracement in the 6-9 day trend direction.

  • Forecast produced for a trading day between the hours of 06:00 and 18:00
  • Ability to adapt to recent market conditions

The Xyber9 programs filter shocks and anomalies, then correlates this information with an exogenous input, which is the foundation of understanding the predictability of human behavior such as euphoria or fear. These are the two components that affect humans behavior when feeling bullish or bearish.

Check out the video below to learn more about how we produce our Intraday forecast and how you can use them to your trading advantage.

Daily Intraday Forecast Updates and Real Time Results

In order to educate you on how to use and read our forecast, we have developed short videos with daily historical forecast and the market result. With these videos, you can learn step-by-step how to read our forecast, how to interpret the highs and lows and how you can use them along with other technical indicators of your choice to trade your symbol of choice. 

These daily videos not only familiarizes your with our forecast, but also displays our high and reliable accuracy rate. We believe our forecast are unparalleled in the industry and we love to show them to our viewer before they decide to come onboard with our service.  

Each day, we will be adding new historical forecast videos till we catch up to the current trading day. From that point onwards, you can follow us closely to view previous day's forecast and market result.