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Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation reserves the right to modify these terms at all times. Logging on to and continuing to use the Xyber9 website shall constitute the acceptance of the then published terms of use of the website. If you don’t agree to our Terms of Use, you should NOT access or use the website or any of its products. It is the user’s responsibility to regularly review the valid terms. If any modification to the terms is unacceptable to you, your only choice is to terminate your usage of the forecasts or other products.


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Terms of Use is a trademark of Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation Inc. The website incorporates the use of a proprietary discovery to determine market direction. Information and data are obtained from sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness. Opinions expressed are subject to change without notice. Though we may feel the techniques herein incorporated are deemed accurate they are not guaranteed nor can it be said these forecasts will result in profit. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The principles of Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc. may have or may not have positions in the any financial markets. No representation is made that anyone is likely to achieve profits. Anyone’s trading account may experience different results because of timing of trades and account size.

Personal Use

The market forecasts are for personal use only.

From time to time we may offer a trial subscription for free to new customers, for a period of typically two weeks. Like any kind of subscription, also not paid for, trial subscriptions are personal and subject to these terms of use. By accepting a not paid for subscription you agree to not try to extend the free period granted by us by tampering with multiple- identities, email addresses or via any other means with the aim to illegally and unlawfully obtain an extension of the free period.

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Please note that Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation has a No Refund Policy due to the timely and sensitive nature of the information provided.


You should be aware of the risks involved associated with investing in the stock market (including but not limited to stocks, mutual funds, index funds, options, futures, ETF's and currencies). Any use of the material contained herein will be at your own risk. This material is believed to be reliable, but Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation Inc. or does not guarantee its accuracy or validity, nor is it responsible for any errors or omissions which may have occurred.

The forecasts, predictions, trading strategies or recommendations made by Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation Inc., its employees and are opinions and do not provide, imply, or otherwise constitute a guarantee of performance.

Users should be aware of the risks involved in all aspects of stock market investments. Any investment program may be volatile and can involve the loss of principal. It should not be assumed that future results will be profitable or will equal past performance, real, indicated or implied.

Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc. and/or its principals may or may not purchase or sell any of the financial instruments cited herein. Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation Inc's forecasts and contain opinions, and none of the information contained therein constitutes a recommendation by Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation Inc., its employees, or

Investing is not suitable for everyone. Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc. or will not advise you personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter.

To the extent any of the information contained in any of the Xyber9tends Forecasts or on is not investment advice, such information is impersonal and not tailored to the investment needs of any specific person. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

Note: It would be advisable to consult your tax advisor before incorporating any trading strategy we might mention here. We are not financial advisors or tax professionals. We may merely presenting market forecasts that others have used. Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc's forecasts, all forecasts both past and future, and comments, commentaries and opinions are owned by Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc., and are protected by international copyright laws and international treaty provisions.

The information contained herein is simply an opinion by Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc., and or its principals. You may print a single copy the Xyber9 Forecast for your exclusive use, but it is not to be reproduced or distributed in any manner. We will aggressively prosecute anyone who shares the Xyber9trends forecasts with anyone else, publishes or otherwise distributes the Xyber9trends market forecasts in any media including verbal communications, electronic, video or print media.

Xyber9trends forecasts are the products of Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc. Copyright 1997-2018. All Rights Reserved.

Privacy Policy

Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy. Any information we collect is only used in providing more personalized experience on our website. Your information will remain confidential and will not be shared with any other entity.


We will not be liable for direct, indirect or accidental damages due to anyone using the Xyber9trends market forecasts, including investment or trading losses, loss of database files, live data feed, electrical outages and any results of “intents of harm” to the program or our website. We do not make any expressed or implied warranties with respect to products sold or obtained from this website. The decision to use the Xyber9trends market forecasts or any of its products is yours only. You agree to hold Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc. and its principals harmless for any reason. Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc. will do its best to update the Xyber9trends forecasts on the dates published, provide access to the Forecasts Request Service and update any of its trading strategies, although if for some reason it is not possible to update these products, Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation or its principals will not be held responsible.

Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc. accepts no liability for the timely notification of the Xyber9trends forecasts to any of our subscribers or any or all of our products. Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc. will do its best to maintain its products.

Trends Scoring Method

Tomorrow’s Trend Corporation, Inc. uses the following Scoring Method to determine the weekly Xyber9 market forecast accuracy.

The lowest price on the last day of a downtrend will be below the highest price recorded on the last day of the previous uptrend. The highest price on the last day of the uptrend will be above the lowest price recorded on the last day of the previous down trend.

It is important to note that the weekly trends we are offering as forecast are providing direction and duration only for each weekly trend. It is up to each trader to capture as much or as little of each trend depending on his or her abilities


The Xyber9 Forecasts and trading strategies are licensed by Trend Corporation, Inc., and are protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. The information contained herein is simply an opinion by Tomorrow's Trend Corporation, Inc and or its principals.

Xyber9trends forecasts, mobile App and trading strategies are the products of Tomorrow's Trend Corporation Inc. Copyright 1997-2018 All Rights Reserved.

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