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Think The Da Vinci Code for the Wall Street Set...A great summer read

Cheryl McCann

Paradigm is a mergence of truth with fiction in a brilliant, exciting fresh story. What a unique way to announce a new scientific discovery in a story of what could be this millennium’s Galileo!

D. W. Rhoades

Robert Taylor is a master storyteller but there’s more. He is a brilliant scientist. If you read Paradigm and learn Taylor’s Law, you just might capture wealth you thought impossible.

Dan E. Moldea

Robert Taylor’s fascinating, ingenious, and well-written novel, Paradigm, should be at the top of everyone’s fall 2005 reading list. It’s a fabulous book about the breathtaking pursuit of the secrets behind a mysterious Egyptian box – and how that desperate chase leads to riches, treachery, and murder. Paradigm is the Da Vinci Code for Wall Street arbitragers and others who enjoy fantasizing about offbeat ways to make money

Jeff Sagansky
Past President, CBS Ent

Paradigm rockets along powered by the ultimate ‘what if.’ WHAT IF someone could predict when the stock market would rise or fall? Paradigm weaves a tale full of suspense and secrecy and Robert Taylor takes it even one step further-the science behind the story is real!

Lynn B. McGill

Truth often comes wrapped in great fiction. Paradigm embodies this idea, adding depth and character into a sure recipe for every reader’s personal wealth and power.

M. Douglas Ivester
CEO, Coca-Cola

The science wrapped in this novel will challenge how we think about gravity and the relationship between science and business. Truth and fiction merge to tell an intriguing tale

M. William Phelps

M. William PhelpsJournalist
Before you realize it, you’re halfway through this page-turning thrill ride of a novel. Reminiscent of Paul Theroux’s classic The Mosquito Coast, Taylor carefully weaves the lives and nuances that make up his multi-layered characters into a suspenseful plot. … Early on, we meet a rather extraordinary and quirky pair of scientists in the form of twins Nicholas and Alex Shepard. Yet, as a character-driven portrait is brilliantly painted, suddenly, without qualm, a Da Vinci Code-inspired fight-or-flight mystery emerges–and you’re hooked! I was absolutely thrilled by Taylor’s penchant for historic detail, seamlessly blending the worlds of reality and fiction. … Simply captivating and magical–with an ending that will have you begging for the next installment of what is sure to be a series

Tony Romano

Almost immediately, I realized this book is reality itself. Reading it was like watching wonderful, complex people on a screen as they move through their extraordinary lives. Paradigm redefines not only how we will view the stock market, but novel writing itself.

Vincent Bugliosi

Robert Taylor’s intelligent Wall Street thriller, Paradigm, has more twists and turns than a steep mountain road. It’s a very well written, first rate murder mystery that will challenge the readers intellectually.