Q&A Session with Xyber9Trends Creator
and Nobel Prize Nominee, Robert D. Taylor


Is your discovContact Robert Taylorery a leading indicator?

Yes. The Taylor Effect is the only leading indicator that forecasts future stock market trends by using existing parameters that are present and can be measured into the future. Other indicators are “lagging” indicators because they rely on statistical analysis of historical data in an attempt to predict future events.

How do you measure gravity?

Gravity can only be measured one second at a time. I measure the total “effects” of gravity by combining the works of Dr. George Masters and Dr. Gregory Hodowanec’s work with my discovery. Oceans, earth’s crust and all other bodies of water on earth suffer the effects of gravity directly, just as human beings do due to we are made up of over 75% water.

We observe the effects in ocean undulation patterns which can be measured as far into the future or the past as we care to go by using algorithms designed by NOAA, which by using these ocean undulation patterns as an empirical guide into the future is a very effective method to predict gravitational increases and decreases felt on earth.

Isn’t it common knowledge that you can’t predict the stock market?

I expect my work will be common knowledge once it is recognized both in the scientific community and in a more practical arena such as Psychology, medicine, geophysics or the many other human behavior arenas. One theory that has gained traction as being accepted as common knowledge is “The Random Walk” theory, which is exactly what it is, just a “theory”. The Taylor Effect is fact and proven empirically. Markets are predictable, just as the orbital cycles of all the heavenly bodies in the universe.

When we think of the “The Random Walk” the key word here is “theory.” I produced empirical evidence which correlates the stock market with gravitational fluctuations. Market predictions are no longer a theory. The market’s future was impossible to forecast before my discovery. Now, based on my evidence we have proven that the financial markets are predictable.

Why do gravitational fluctuations cause market changes?

In Paradigm I compare effects of high gravity to a “chicken cooking in a pressure cooker.” All that I am presenting in my essay, my technical appendix and book  Paradigm is a simple message. The financial market’s expansion and contraction is quantitatively in direct correlation to the increases and decreases in gravitational fluctuations experienced at the human level. Increases in market price are in direct response to decreases in gravitational forces; and, decreases in market price are in direct response to the increases in gravitational forces. 

Will scientists and ‘Wall Street’ take you seriously?

Those who use The Taylor Effect and experience the results will. Others won’t. Remember, many of the greatest scientists in the world already believe and endorse my findings.

I think it would be important for anyone, professional or individual, to take my discovery seriously. Why would anyone want to be left behind? Then again, there will always be those scientists who refuse to accept it at all.

Does the stock market move up and down the same as the tides?

No. The tides have nothing to do with the stock market or any other financial market. Remember, gravitational fluctuations affect human behavior. After all, we are made up of over 75% water. Market price fluctuations correlate with changes in the gravitational forces that also create tidal fluctuations in the oceans and seas – as well as people.

Will it still work if everyone uses it?

Don’t worry. There is no chance everyone would believe or use my discovery.

Some will use it to their advantage while others will stick to their old paradigm. History has proven that discoveries which cause paradigm-shifts take a long time to be accepted.

My hope is the Federal Reserve gets the picture in a hurry. I believe if anyone could help manage fiscal matters better, they could by knowing market movements well in advance. We’ll see!

Does gravity affect anything other than financial markets?

I believe so. However, my primary focus for the last 19 years has been on financial markets. I did some preliminary analysis in a geophysics study concerning geyser frequencies and found these frequencies to correlate with gravitational fluctuations.

Other areas I researched included: criminal behavior, live births, automobile accidents, administration of cancer drugs, individual physical performance, and, retail sales performance. I compared these statistics to gravitational fluctuations and in every case the studies showed correlation and good utility.

How do you answer some academics who suggest your discovery is incorrect?

I understand. New paradigms are hard to accept. The earth is round, and we can fly!

Today, we have a new paradigm. The stock market is predictable when you apply The Taylor Effect through modern technology.

Your novel has both fiction and reality. Is the discovery real?

Yes, the discovery is real. The story is based on my experiences, but a lot more fun.

The ancient Egyptian box depicted in  Paradigm may be fictional, but the discovery is real. The stock market is predictable.

Data rich empirical evidence supports the validity of The Taylor Effect. Gravitational fluctuations do cause masses of humans to feel simultaneously bullish or bearish about the stock market.

Is this astrology?

No. None of my studies and none of my documentation involve astrology.

I studied astrophysics, geophysics and fluid dynamics to find answers which guided my conclusions which I present in my book Paradigm.