From time immemorial, ‘lunacy’ has been associated with the Full Moon. Recently serious research papers and books ([4]), [13]) by psychiatrists, psychologists, and statistically-oriented sociologists have provided overwhelming evidence of an extraordinary correlation between phases of the Moon and maximal episodes of violent behavior in mental wards, as well as cyclical increases in general human violence, such as in homicides, suicides, and fatal automobile accidents.

Taylor proves the Stock Market is not random, instead, it can be predicted with very high accuracy weeks, month and years in advance based on gravitational fluctuations. The Taylor Effect provides us with the understanding of how to harness the power of gravity to betterment of our financial lives.

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The technical appendix is an eleven question document detailing the math and formulas that Robert Taylor used to create the forecasting tools used by Xyber9Trends. Delve into the mind of Robert Taylor and find out why our forecasts are so accurate.

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