Stock Market Predictions 2014

Those traders diligently searching for Stock Market Predictions will find that the financial market forward looking predictions produced here at Xyber9Trends are empirically proven to have been produced one to two weeks in advance and published in real-time for thousands of subscribers to review. Scholars refer to discoveries like this as ‘The Genuine Article’. It is exciting. It is revolutionary. And it flies against the prevailing “knowledge” of what was thought possible for stock market forecasting. Many of you will use our forecasts to your advantage.

As of this writing, the forecasts accuracy for Xyber9Trend’s Stock Market Predictions for the years 2006 through 2015 have proven to be useful for thousands of investors, speculators, traders and individual investors. For those of you who use our forecasts, you may find that knowing the direction and duration of the weekly forecasts (market trends) are useful when pulling the trigger for any trade, or simply just buying or selling stocks, currencies, ETF’s or any of the thousands of tradable symbols that we produce forecasts.

The X9T Forecast can be used as a true Leading Indicator

Xyber9Trends offers reliable directional weekly market forecasts that are based on time-tested economic theories developed by Robert D. Taylor. What sets us apart from everybody else is that we use Taylor’s Nobel Prize nominated technology to forecast the future market trends. Our historical and real-time publicly forecasted trends serves as a basis to verify our accuracy.  To view our real-time forecasts go to the Historical Results Tab on our Home Page in our website.

Our purpose is to bring value to investors and traders by offering consistent, sustainable and reliable market guidance to help our clients to make better informed decisions, which can help lead to more sustainable trading returns. Via our mobile App and through our website we offer a Symbol Request Service that provides individual forecasts for over 20,000 of the most popularly traded symbols. By becoming a member you will have the ability to request any symbol, any time and on any day and receive that 17 day forecast for the symbol your requested via email within minutes.

In addition to the Symbol Request service we offer 17 day market predictions for the for the U.S. Markets, the (Dow, S&P500, NASDAQ, Russell) and the FOREX markets, the (British Pound/U.S. Dollar, the Euro/U.S. Dollar and the U.S. Dollar/Yen) on a weekly basis to companies, speculators, traders and individuals that are experienced and active in the domain of trading futures, options, currencies and equity investing.

One of the most exciting services we are now offering is our fully Automated Trading Strategies that are can be downloaded on the TradeStation platform. Our trading strategies are considered to be cutting edge technology where the user is prompted to make trades in the various futures and Forex currency markets. Read more about our trading strategies under the Tab Trading Strategies in our website.

For those in the market for a forecasts service that is reliable, state of the art, and dependable, our stock market predictions are exactly what you have been looking for. The Xyber9 forecasts are simple to understand. Knowing the direction and the duration of the weekly market trends is considered the most useful piece of knowledge that any trader can have.