X9T.com is now offering a entirely unique service called X9T-Live. This Symbol Request Service, provides the ability for traders and investors to request forecasts for any market symbol that is available. The list of symbols we forecasts runs in the range of well over 10,000 tradable symbols for nearly all of the financial markets. Users can request forecasts via our website X9T.com or our App: X9T.

The X9T-Live Forecasts Request Service service will include forecasts for all:

  • Stocks
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Indexes
  • ETF's
  • Funds

You can expect to receive your forecasts results within minutes, or at times a little longer depending on the server demand.

X9T.com and our X9T mobile App offers a Symbol Universe Lookup Tool in order for users to have the ability find the exact symbol or symbols of their choice.

Over the past 10 years Xyber9Trends has been publicly providing forecasts for the U.S. Equity Markets and FOREX pairs. Over the last 9 years we published forecasts, all two weeks in advance, for over 2,500 weekly forecasts, with accuracy rates above any other financial news letter or forecasting service. To view our U.S. Market forecasts results, go to x9t.com and use the tab Historical Results to view all of our past forecasts for the U.S. equity markets.

We have always known that the Xyber9 programs had the ability to provide forecasts for any market symbol. Now, due to current updates to the Xyber9 forecasting programs we are able to provide to our subscribers the ability to request real-time Intraday and 17 day future forecasts, any day, and at any time they wish.

X9T-Live forecasts will provide to any trader the benefit of knowing which way the market will be moving for a 17 day future period.

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Package Includes

New  X9T Live Intraday Forecasts (On-demand Service) 

 X9T Live 17-day Forecasts (On-demand Service)

Multi-Monthly and Mutli-Yearly Forecasts

17-day U.S. Market Forecast

(Dow Jones Industrial Average INDU, SPY, and US Futures-ES)

17-day FOREX Forecast (GBPUSD, EURUSD)

Periodic Market Commentary by Robert D. Taylor

Support and Resistance Lines for U.S Markets

Tech Support

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