When you think about stock market forecasting, you might think that this is a prediction or some sort of future guidance for the stock market’s movement – and that description is accurate.

But did you know that the vast number of stock market forecasters are actually only on average 47% accurate? The stock market forecasting programs offered by Xyber9Trends however, exceed the accuracy of any other program in existence – and Xyber9Trends forecasts are the only empirically proven forecasts that has a high degree of accuracy, which provides guidance for the direction and duration of future market trends.

Methods of Stock Market Forecasting

Many people think that stock market forecasting is when Economists, Brokerage Firms or personal portfolio managers analyze a company or stock symbol and provide recommendations according to their findings. This analysis is a very small part of the total financial markets analysis universe. The truth is the markets are vast, where you can find any number of offerings that provide guidance for all the various financial markets, including stocks, futures, options, ETF’s, Forex currency markets, bonds and many more.

Other methods of stock market forecasting fall into the category such as financial letters provided by experts who try to convince interested investors or traders that they know which way the market is heading. Some gurus suggest a particular stock or symbol to invest in or trade, and even when to enter or exit the markets, while other gurus include training seminars that can cost thousands of dollars for a weekend training course. These gurus provide these marketing efforts in an attempt to convince you that they know how to trade and which way the markets will be moving using their systems. Most will help train traders in trading futures contracts, stocks, options or currency trading.

The tools that most of these gurus provide are in the form of technical indicators or other signals that suggest will help you enter and exit positions. Some of the more popular indicators that are taught as examples are, Candle Sticks that change color depending on stock price change, Keltner Channel, Bollinger Bands, MACD, Market Thrust, Momentum Indicator, Moving Averages and all sorts of Fibonacci signals, just to name a few. These gurus will even show you some really unusually interesting indicators such as the ‘Next 3rd Friday’ indicator and our favorites – the ‘Head and Shoulders’ principal, and the ‘Ulcer Index’. We’re kidding about these being our favorite. The truth is this:  No indicator can tell you where the market will be heading or for how long.

A Proven Track Record for Stock Market Forecasting

Xyber9Trends has a proven track record of bringing value to traders and investors because of the reliable way in which it delivers its unique directional market forecast. The Xyber9 directional forecasts are based on time-tested economic theories developed by Robert D. Taylor. This unique technology provides us with the basis for our forecasts. As a result, our forecasts offer reliability and accuracy that have benefited many traders and investors around the globe for over 10 years.

Xyber9Trends Forecasts can be used to trade equity stocks, futures, commodities, options, ETF’s, bonds, the Forex currency markets and any of the other over 22,000 most popularly traded symbols.. Our subscribers look for opportunities to buy or sell any market by using our forecasted trends. Some traders hold for the duration of the trend while others scalp trades for shorter-term gains. The important thing is each trader using our forecasts has the opportunity to design a trading strategy that suites their needs and risk tolerance.

We do not forecast amplitudes, although most experts agree that the degree of amplitudes is determined by volume, volatility and the propensity for the markets to move up. We provide the direction and duration.

Reports and announcements, including geopolitical news that we see on a daily or weekly basis can create shocks to the markets, which can increase gaps or spikes because of amplitudes. Also, Traditional and fundamental analysis is an important tool for investors who use longer term methods to trade the markets, which is done correctly can help with determining amplitudes.

Many traders are also using technical tools to determine entries and exits such as support and resistance lines. It has been our conviction that if you know the direction of the markets and trade by using the Xyber9Trends forecasts, then amplitudes only reflect the trader’s overall returns. In other words, amplitudes are a given, and overall less important than knowing the market’s direction.

And the Winner Is…

Many gurus try to predict the stock market, but according to most statistics, the average accuracy of all the stock market forecasting “gurus” is 47%. You can check our accuracy by going to the Historical Results Tab in our website, which provide the results for our forecasts for over 9 consecutive years of publicly publishing our forecasts one week in advance for over 530 weekly US market forecasts for the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P500, and the Russell since February 2006.

Each one of the Xyber9 forecasts have been and continues to be produced and publicly posted one to two weeks advance, while providing a 17 day future prediction. Xyber9Trends produce weekly forecasts for the US markets and the FOREX markets. We also provide a service called Forecasts Request Service where our members can request forecasts any time, or any day, for any of the over 20,000 most popularly traded symbols that we provide in our Symbol Universe.

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