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Thanks very much!  Enjoyed your novel and am fascinated with your work.


One of my trading partners and I have set up a separate account with our broker to trade Xyber9 forecasts.  We did this to have a pure track record, only Xyber9 trades in the account.  We have been using the QLD, a 2X Beta Nasdaq100 index fund, going Long or Short as per the Xyber9 forecasts.

Needless to say, the results are stellar, only one loss in the past two months and an overall account gain of about 60%.

Would you be interested in seeing our compilation of these trades once we reduce the entire trading record into a written report?


I like the idea and it follows the implication of the reason you stated about wanting everyone, especially those that have been hurt the worst now that we have to manage what's left of our decimated retirement accounts, giving all of us a second opportunity,  another chance at some financial stability.


Ahhh, I didn't realize that a down trend usually follows an uptrend.

I envisioned that with each weekly forecast it could go either way.

So I was waiting until the 15th update to see if the trend would

continue or change to a down trend.  That makes more sense now.

Thanks for the speedy reply.


btw, I love what you're doing.


Great Website Mr. Taylor. I particularly like the histories on the multi month and multi year forecasts. I guess it was just bad timing on joining when the first multi month forecast was flat. I can't thank you enough for all you have done. I have made money in the markets now that I don't worry anymore about the mid market swings. Larry Tomlinson has give me a Fibonacci/Elliot wave estimate for amplitude and basically I was on target for the 20 point move as pretty much guaranteed for Taylor prediction. Yes there are more points in the move but 20 points are there every time. I have been buying SP500 options that are 60 points OTM puts and calls and that 20 point move returns 20 to 40 % depending on the VIX component of the price. I will finally be financially secure within about 6 to 12 months and for that I cannot thank you enough. Sincerely Brent


Robert, thank you so much for your efforts.  I’ve been successfully trading for three weeks now and am lining up several more interested investors.  Thanks again and my kids thank you (although they don’t know why as yet) !


I know you time is precious and wish to Thank You for taking the time to e-mail the forecast to subscribers.

This is a great help in keeping us informed when we may not have time to go to the website.

Thanks Again for all you have shared with us!!!


Thank you and I wanted to commend you for your effort in developing your theory.  Please understand that many, including myself, have probably approached Xyber9 and your theory with a measure of wonder or even skepticism.

However, you are making me a believer.  You are providing an incredible service and I am hopeful, even excited, to approach my future trading with a measure of confidence in the market trend.

Dr. Tom

Thanks for your fascinating work! See the lead article at my blog dated September 6th.The last few paragraphs mention your work and how it dovetails with and gives greater confidence to my own efforts.


Thank you again for your discovery and the opportunity to let us participate in it!