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Thanks for your prompt reply. I was concern that I would be on the wrong side of the market and we all know how unfortunate that can be. Your book and formula are wonderful. I am only a small investor that has had poor outcomes in the past. Thanks for your help in turning that around.




Please disregard my previous email to cancel. I wanted to cancel because I took serious loses over the past month following your forecasts. I had to admit to myself today that I am responsible for my trading, not you. It is my fault for not following my parameters for money management and stop loss points. I would like to cancel my "cancellation" and continue to receive the US weekly forecasts. I have made at least $80,0000 using your forecast as a part of my trading strategy. It's my fault on getting greedy and not protecting my profits. One suggestion-- Please remind other traders that they must account for random human behavior (Fed cutting rates) to disrupt a natural trend. If the Fed had not interfered, I doubt if the market would have "bucked" the trend.


You know sir, excuse my embarrassing reiteration, but you have one of THE most phenomenal discoveries, you really got to get a promo guru that can do you justice, hope you can and will.  In meantime, long live Xyber9 (and you of course), I'll sure need "her" for at least a few years to reach my FX financial goals.

You ever consider developing Xyber9 into a software package for sale?  That way you don't have to worry about ad-infinitum running it personally. has developers to contact, now THAT would be big ticket sales for ya!  🙂


First of all, I am glad to inform you that after our phone conversation a while back, I have been able to recover my losses and am ahead of the game once again.


Thank you for your efforts to help the little guys to have a very potent tool to trade these markets. I just wanted to ask your opinion about the "FIRST of the month" POSITIVE effects on S&P? Statistics  suggest that if we buy on the Last Friday of the preceding month the markets will trade higher by the 1st and 2nd days of the succeeding month.


I am presently buying the pro- funds ETF's as a way to ride the up's and downs of your forecasts, and it's so nice having it work! Thank you so much for your work. Is there any other stock vehicle's that other subscribers have reported to enhance the profits available besides options? The pro funds give 200% of the move up or down. Thanks. Karl



The xyber9 forecast is right on the mark again.  Nice job. Unfortunately for me I was not able to take advantage of today's great rally.  Right now I am using your forecasts for my mutual funds.  As you probably know with those funds you can only go into the market for the following day by the close of the previous day's market.  Since your forecast came in on Saturday I was not able to get in for today.  I do notice this current forecast you have gone out for 2 weeks.  This is greatly helpful for investors like myself with mutual funds.  Will you be able to continue that with upcoming forecasts so that these missed opportunities may be kept to a minimum?

Also is it possible for me to make weekly forecasts on my own if I purchase the software listed in your book? Or would I need the xyber9 program to do that?  If so will there come a time when you will make that program available to us?

Finally, since the market has gone up so much today would you expect the market to continue to go up until Friday or to level of or even go down some?


Thanks for all you help.


I appreciate your latest views on S&P direction.  This period is strongly reminiscent of October 2006, when the market crossed Dow 12,000 and refused to go down for weeks.

I realize that you forecast market direction and cannot give trading advice.  I am somewhat bullish for this period, mainly due to a 20 July market tidbit:  S&P short contracts were at record levels, highest since March 2004.  This short sentiment might have presaged that 100-pt drop in the S&P over a span of two days, late-July.  I'm bullish because record shorts also lead to future short covering, maybe even a stampede of buying.

If these shorts were in place by late-July, these xontracts must be covered in September, and possibly December.  I am going long December 2007 on any pull-back.

You are probably catching some heat for the odd market behavior of late, but I am grateful you put me short during the week of 23-27 July.  I am an optimist:  I appreciate your forecasts and understand that human intervention sometimes "defy gravity".


Dear Mr. Taylor this whole thing is amazing. My mentor, Larry Pesavento, once told me that if there is a holy grail in trading then it must be astrologically based. I've always been convinced that someone, somewhere would figure out how to quantify the great sway of human emotion in the markets. It looks like you've done it!

Armed with xyber9, a competent trader would not find it difficult to make a lot of money. I'm very impressed but I do think you're correct in predicting that it'll be a slow burner. My aforementioned mentor always lamented the fact that most people are not prepared to do even the most basic preparation and yet are perplexed that they do not reap immediate, extraordinary rewards.

Peace, thanks and blessings I wish to subscribe to the U.S. markets subscription.


Since Xyber9 has proven so accurate... have you considered running any research on bonds/interest rates. There is plenty of public data in Yahoo Finance to back test the 10 year bond etc.... might be another way of expanding the services.  Also as you surely know many of the timing services also provide interest rate/bond, crude oil and gold  forecasts.  Quite frankly based on what I have seen I would have a strong bias towards putting my money with Xyber9 technology going forward.  Just a thought.