Individuals from all walks of life and investment experience levels already trust Xyber9 to give them the edge they were always looking for in trading. Here are just a few of the things our Subscribers had to say about their experience with us.


Got into the forecast, thank you.

1.  When do you think daily forecasts will start?

2.  Is the chart you now have on the forecasts page to be used by us as a guide to distance the S&P will travel in any given forecast time frame?

I am so pleased with your forecasts, I can't thank you enough.


Your market forecasts have helped me so much in the past few months and I just wanted to express my appreciation for your efforts.


Thanks for the email - always educational to hear your thought process.


I just wanted to let you know how excited I was to look at the forums after seeing your email.  It is wonderful not to see a bunch of fake, and disgusting, posts all over the forum.  I really appreciate the time and effort that you spend on the trends, the forum, and especially your book.

I am still learning to use the trends, but I have seen some nice profits so far.  Thank you for everything that you do to help us all.


Robert, these forecasts are uncanny. Why are you downplaying how incredible the Xyber9 program is?
It's funny how right you were about people being skeptical. All my friends think it's bullshit even when I log on to the site and show them the forecasts. Very strange.


I want to thank you for taking the time to provide this highly valuable information- you are incredible.  =)


Hello Mr. Taylor, How can I unsubscribe to the FOREX? I still want the US Markets forecast (for about 5 more years) but I am not trading the FOREX like I thought I would. Thanks for your time and effort. That $2,400 I started with in July is now worth $30,000. I am profiting much more often because of you and Xyber9. Slow but steady ...


You are a very good person Robert.  I am touched by your tremendous good will, integrity and concern for all of us that listen to and make use of your creativity and research.


I don't know if the three traders I know and mentioned Paradigm to did actually purchase it but really what I'm hoping is that you will allow us to continue to receive the xyber9 forecasts on a subscription basis.  I agree that these forecasts give me an incredible advantage - please let us continue in some fashion with you.


As a subscriber who was introduced to your book by Tom in Arizona, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your emails and forecasts. I am not an active trader, and only a part time investor managing personal IRA, 401K funds. I do hope that your will continue to let me be a subscriber for as long as you see fit, per Tom's reference.