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I appreciate very much your conscientious and informative messages.


Has it occurred to you that, as gravity prepares to "lighten up" in the near future, there is already more energy, activity (from you and other subscribers), enthusiasm, optimism... to me it indicates that the new movement is in its infancy already.


I find that the Taylor trends reflect well in the stocks, bonds, etc., that I own, buy, sell. I am enjoying this experience very much.


From a newbie this new website is great!  Thanks for taking the time to update it and make it so much more user friendly.

A picture really is worth a thousand words.

I continue to thank the Lord for running into you on the beach there at Cape San Blas. Trading is going well and I am gaining capital every week.

I am also circulating your name to several friends. Hopefully they will become members as well.


You did the work my friend-  I've been trading and developing trading systems for 15 years and have made millions doing it but have never seen anything as efficacious as your work


Thanks for the quick reply and link.

Here's my analysis results for 2007.  Total point gain 250.59 with a max Draw Down of 29.2. I figure in Dollars that is $12,500 gain per E-mini contract with $3100 draw down.

Pretty impressive for an once a week trade.  Here's my months:

  • Jan  +1.69  max loss was series of 4 trades totaling of 62.26 which included the DD of 19.81 Feb  +27.02 the above series of 4 losing trades ran into Feb.
  • Mar  +86.12 all winners
  • Apr  -5.35 max loss 13.13 with a DD of 6.38 for max DD of 19.51 May +1.35 max loss 22.72 which was also the max DD Jun  +139.59 all winners.

You have to this point, shown me what an ethical man you are.  If anyone were to attack you for your ideas, they would have a hard time showing anything you have done as being unethical.


I commend you on your sincere desire to help and contribute to mankind's betterment.  I am happy to have connected with you and proud to say that I stand behind your noble purpose.

If there is anything I can do to help I would be honored if you called on me.


I would like to simply say, Thank you for your generosity..


I just wanted to thank you for the hard work and you’ve put into your wonderful book and a trading system.

I am currently paper trading your forecasts with spider options and am having a great ROI (about 200% each) is this normal?

Anyway, I am very impressed with the system and absolutely believe what you are saying about gravity, you know it's almost funny now to listen to the "gurus" "predicting" markets based on past data, where they don’t even have a slightest idea why the market did what it did.

By the way Robert, by my estimations you are about 100% accurate on yearly forecasts, 90-95% accurate on monthly and 85 on weekly.

Do you have more specific numbers or am I way off? 🙂

Well anyway, I want to be of help to you because I know that you want to help other people, but I also want to help you get that Nobel prize.

Let me know how I can be of service to you.

Again thank you for all your help and hard work,


PS. I also wanted to tell you that I and other people on your list ARE thinking about you every day, we just don’t write you every day.


To your incredible health!


Thanks for the update.  It's very much appreciated.  I felt lost in the dark when I wasn't able to access the forecasts.

And thanks for the work you've done and the service you provide.  I'm finding it extremely helpful and hope to continue to benefit from your insight for years to come.


I bought "Paradigm" because I heard your interview with Michael Noury on "Coast-To-Coast" some time ago.

I went for it on a lark. It proved to be an excellent story, which is what any reader expects from a novel.

I have been following you Xyber9 forecasts for more than a few weeks, and I print out each weekly update with a 5-to-ten-day chart of the DJ 30.

I cannot believe that you are so accurate on the very short term market movements.

You even called the spike on Sept. 5th.


For the long term......I will take some small long positions some time during October...

(I planned to do so anyway, so I do not hold you responsible if I choose wrongly.)

....but, I sincerely believe that

you have something going here.

I have always given credence to the notion that human beings and their actions are affected by such things as full moons....which, of course, translates into gravitational influence.

Thank you, Mr. Taylor, for your generosity in providing me with some apparently valid stock market insight for such an inexpensive price.

With gratitude,