Now there’s a better way. Use the Xyber9Tends forecasts and avoid the “down turns.” Buy low, sell high.

Use my discovery and avoid large losses.
Past history has proven that if you buy and hold over a long period of time, the stock market will produce a relative return.

My contention is, not everyone has the privilege or the time and staying power to sit through down market periods and watch their hard earned dollars turned into losses while they wait for the market to turn up.

Many investors lost enormous amounts of money in the 2000 and the 2007-2008 bust. Many had to go back to work because the markets robbed them of their savings.

I can tell you when down trends are expected so you can stand aside, or invest in bonds during the down trends. By using the weekly forecasts we can tell you when to trade both directions by using stocks, futures, options and the FOREX currency markets. Let the brokers buy and hold with their own money, while you insure your future.

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