I incorporate my IRA’s in conjunction with my investments to enhance returns, tax deferred.

First, I do not give tax or legal advice. Seek professional counsel for your situation.

Second, I’ll share one of my personal investment strategies.

IRA savings earn tax free returns until you withdraw any portion of the investment. You can simply invest your IRA accounts using the forecasts suggested by the Xyber9 program.

I have another strategy that is quite simple. I buy a long term holding position using the S&P Spiders. I use S&P 500 futures contracts within my IRA account as a hedge against down trends. When I forecast a down market trend, I sell futures contracts to act as a hedge against my stock market securities (Spiders) holdings.

This creates a market neutral position for my equity account during the down trend. At the end of the down trend, I close my futures short position.

Since I don’t remove any profits from the IRA futures account or the equity account, I’ve continued to create a tax deferred profits. I calculate the profit from the futures contracts at the end of each down trend and then I buy more shares of the S&P 500 (SPY(Spiders)) at the new reduced price.

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