I provide two week forecasts in advance for the U.S. Markets and the FOREX markets. I also provide multi-monthly forecasts for the U.S. Markets.

In my book Paradigm, I give the reader a yearly direction for the stock market up to the year 2020. In actuality I can produce very accurate predictions up to 100 years in advance.

Monthly forecasts can be predicted for the same time periods as yearly forecasts. But weekly forecasts are different. Reports, politics and news announcements create additional shocks to weekly market trends.

It is also important to caution everyone that multi-monthly forecasts are better viewed as a possibility rather than a guarantee due to the many variables that longer term forecasts cannot take into consideration, including inversions that temporarily flip the overall forecasted direction of these markets.

It is the short term weekly forecast that have been most accurate due the cycles are much shorter and the frequency of the programs evaluations can pick up on many variables and anomalies such as shocks that long term forecasting cannot take into account.

Consequently, I make weekly forecasts four times a month. It allows our Xyber9Trends program to accommodate for noise and adapt to changing market conditions.

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