The Xyber9 programs produce a graph which provides the direction and duration for a future 17 period. During that 17 days the graph will typically show two trends indicating a top and a bottom or a bottom then a top. The market most always follows a sine wave type of pattern, which at times invert or is affected by an anomaly. At the bottom of the forecasts graph you will see future dates. Find the top or the bottom on the forecasted graph and line it up with the date at the bottom of the graph. This procedure will provide with what we consider which direction the market will be moving and when that trend will end.

Don’t be fooled by thinking that the market will look exactly like the Xyber9 graph. The market never moves in a straight line due to many factors including daily anomalies and will seldom appear the exactly as the Xyber9 graph. The Xyber9 programs merely provide us with the direction and duration for each trend.

The Xyber9Trends programs forecasts do not assume anomalies nor anticipate anomalies; they filter past anomalies (Reports, Announcements, Fed Announcements, geopolitical events etc.) in the stock market data in order to distinguish what is valuable and what is not when calculating a forecasts.

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