The market can suffer what is called Phase Inversions or sometimes called the Phase Flip. The market typically moves in a quasi periodic sine wave pattern, with highs followed by lows and vise versa. When a phase inversion takes place the market will discontinue this sine wave cycle and reverse direction and begin again with a sine wave type of market action until its inverts again. Fortunately Robert Taylor’s research identified approximately when inversions will take place in advance.

Many Scientists throughout the years have observed this phenomenon. The reason we mention this occurrence is Phase Inversions take place four (4) times a year where forecasted trends can and will be affected. The Xyber9 programs at times will catch an inversion in advance and at times will not. These inversions can cause the forecasted trends to turn out wrong. Our philosophy is to be cautious during the Phase Inversion periods. We provide future Phase Inversion dates on our website.

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