No, the Xyber9 programs will simply provide direction and duration. Actually this is the best piece of financial information any trader or investor can have. Most of our experienced subscribers will use the Xyber9 forecasts as a bias for their trading. Some trend trade, while others scalp trades based on the trends direction. Some stand aside during the downtrends, while others trade both directions using options, short sells and futures instruments.

Up to now, no one knew the direction of the market in advance and had to guess – but by using the Xyber9Trends forecast, you will have the greatest advantage ever offered. All you need to do now is to figure what you want to trade, how build a strategic trading plan. We find that most beginning subscribers will use the historical forecasts to test their strategies to see how they would have worked. We display over 500 historical forecasts in the Historical Results tab on the website. These forecast were produced one to two weeks in advance of market movement, and have been accurate over 83% of the time.

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