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Xyber9Trends_US Futures Automated Trading Strategy is developed to trade the U.S. E-mini electronic futures markets. The strategy has the capability to run in fully automated mode or user prompt mode. In fully automated mode the strategy will enter and exit positions without any monitoring during any or all trading sessions. In user prompt mode the strategy will prompt the user to manually execute all trades.

The strategy utilizes advanced trading techniques that continuously monitor trades, such as a target, stop loss, breakeven stop and trailing stops. These techniques are typically used by experienced traders.

The compounding feature inclusive in our trading strategy will increase contracts, or decrease contract numbers based on earned or lost profits, and the margin requirements for each trading session.

The strategy  comes with a set of default settings, that if used are based on a 19 year historical forecasting period, and 9 years of real-time tracking by using the X9T forecasts that were published one week in advance of each trend over that time period.

If a user wants to change the strategies default settings, the user can optimize the trading strategy settings by using TradeStation’s internal optimization processes in order to obtain settings that may better suit the user’s needs. We provide a tutorial for the optimization procedure, which you can find in this website under the Tab, Trading Strategies, and then the dropdown prompt Procedural list; Procedure to Optimize the Xyber9Trend Trading Strategies. By performing the optimization procedure each member can find the best set of parameter settings for trading any futures symbol they desire.

It is important to note that the Xyber9Trends_Futures automated trading strategy will trade any U.S. Market futures contracts. We will provide default settings for the S&P e-mini futures market. If the user would like to trade any of the other futures markets, the user will need to optimize the strategy for that particular symbol.

The trading strategy will constantly monitor the markets price and deploy one of many orders to the floor as each of the strategies parameters are met.

Our trading strategy utilizes a large range of Trading Inputs simultaneously and on a continuous basis such as the number of initial contracts, maximum number of contracts traded, contract compounding option, price profit target, stop loss, trailing stop order and a breakeven stop order.

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The Xyber9Trends_Futures trading strategy is complex in that the direction of the trades are determined by each forecast update. Once the strategy is activated, all the strategy’s trades are determined by the strategies parameters continuously, as opposed to human input or market interpretation based on news reports or announcements.

Most expert traders agree that the less interpretation a trader uses when making a decision to execute a trade, the better. It is for this reason that experienced traders will not waver from their strategy. This is where the Xyber9Trends_Futures Automated Trading Strategy is beneficial. The strategy will not vary from its trading methodology or its settings.

Remember, the art of sticking to a successful trading strategy can be difficult due to many factors. By letting the Xyber9Trends complex automated strategy do the work for you can be a very valuable tool.

The Xyber9Trends_Futures trading strategy is dependent on the X9T forecasts for the symbol the user is trading. The most current forecast update provides a bias as to what direction and duration the trading strategy will be trading during the length of that forecasted trend.

It is important to note that the user needs to request a forecast update for the symbol they are trading before the end of the current trend. By requesting additional forecasts in this manner the user insures that the trading strategy is trading in the correct direction.

With each subscription to the Xyber9Trends_Futures Automated Trading Strategy program, we include a list of every forecast we produced since 1997 in the form of a text file that determines the direction and duration for each of these trends.

When the user request and receives a new forecast update, the user will need to enter the new trend’s date into the text filewhich dictates the direction and duration of the trades for that new trend.Once the text file is updated with a new trend date, the Xyber9Trends_Futures trading strategy will end all current trades on that date, and start trading in the direction of the newly forecasted trend. Remember, you will know well in advance the direction for each trend.

In fully automated mode, any user who doesn’t have the time or just doesn’t want to manage their own trades hands on, has the ability to allow the trading strategy to seamlessly execute all of your trades, including entries, exits, profit targets, stop losses target, trailing stops and breakeven stops, while your asleep, at work or at play.

We strongly recommend that the user is cognizant of all trades by using the user prompt mode. In the real world we have found that the unexpected can and will happen. Market data can be disconnected for many reasons, such as the source of that data, or your internet provider can fail momentarily. We have found electrical outages to be a problem. We also have suffered computer failure and modem outages, which causes TradeStation’s data from being received by your computer. In every negative event, as we just listed, the trading strategy will fail to make any trades due to any one of these problems. For this reason we always allow the Xyber9Trends_Futures trading strategy to tell us when to enter or exit all of our trades.